Best Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers

christmas gifts for law students

That time of year has come around yet again: it’s festive, morale is boosted and it’s generally a very joyful time to share with friends and family.

However, the lead up to Christmas can be hectic, especially when it involves rushing to the shops after work or school to try and find the perfect Christmas gifts for the special people in your life.

As someone who studies law, recently I have been searching for gifts for my fellow law student friends and I have taken one thing from this: we are incredibly hard to buy for. After a lot of thought, I accumulated a few ideas that would make for the perfect gifts for your favourite lawyer…

Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers: For the Hardworking Student/Lawyer

Your typical lawyer lives off coffee or energy drinks – whichever is preferred, or sometimes both. A valued (and rare) thing for lawyers is sleep! Sleep deprivation is common, whether it’s because of all the late nights at the office, or because they have been slaving over coursework or revision. Therefore, anything that will help your legal-minded friend relax would be greatly appreciated; from a kit containing sleep spray and eye masks, to a set full of relaxing bath bombs and scented candles. The gift of sleep and relaxation is not only something every lawyer needs, but also what they want.

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Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers: For the Academic Student/Lawyer

Everyone knows that law textbooks are ridiculously expensive – so why not give the law student in your life a voucher for a book shop? If not to put the money towards legal textbooks, a good, fictional book to help take their minds off of the stresses of everyday life would be perfect.

Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers: For the Arrogant Student/Lawyer

Stereotypically, lawyers are known as the arrogant type. Although this is untrue, we still like to frequently tell people that we are lawyers. Anything along the lines of ‘I’m a lawyer’ or ‘Keep calm, I’m a lawyer’ would put a smile on any lawyer’s face. It can even be something funny or sarcastic – having a bit of humour can lighten up the busy working day of a lawyer.

A quote from their favourite legal TV series or film on a mug that will give them a boost of motivation, and is personal to them, would be a great present. This is particularly good as a last-minute gift, as these types of products can be found easily. Also, this would definitely be good as a ‘Secret Santa’ gift – something more lighthearted yet relevant.

Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers: For the Tech-Obsessed Student/Lawyer

Us lawyers are always on our phones, laptops, tablets or basically anything technology-based. Our world, after all, does revolve around technology and social media. It is understandable that lawyers sometimes hate the sight of their laptops as they associate it with work, emails, coursework and exams. So keyboard covers, laptop covers and stickers are a good gift for law students who need cheering up during those 9am lectures.

For a lawyer working in an office, something more subdued and professional yet still handy may be necessary; for example, a charging phone case for when they’re on-the-go or a nifty portable charger. This is definitely for that person who would want a more practical gift.

Christmas Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers: For Every Student/Lawyer

For students, the ultimate dream Christmas gift, would be a vacation scheme or a training contract – it may be an impossible thing to get for your lawyer friend, but this is the season for Christmas miracles, right?


Merry Christmas!

Published: 07/12/17     Author: Priya Luharia

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