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A much sought-after trait in the competitive industry that is the law industry is the trait of commercial awareness.

This is what largely distinguishes a person from a crowd in the gruelling rush to claim training contracts and so on, as it shows to a firm that you have put work into educating yourself independently on the world around you and have gathered more elevated knowledge of the legal world.

Law blogs are a terrific way to gain commercial awareness, as they provide opinions and analysis in a more relaxed environment. And these 5 great law blogs will provide entertainment in your growth of commercial awareness.

1. A Typo in the Constitution

“Greg Callus’ musings on law, politics, media, culture, and life”

Author: Greg Callus

Current role: PhD student of law

Currently studying for his PhD in Law at a highly esteemed Russell Group University, Greg Callus displays such extensive knowledge of the workings of the law.

He is able to express a neutral point of view, which is allows readers to come to their own conclusions on credible areas of law or recent cases, after him using his extensive journalism techniques to highlight the significance of such situations.

2. Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

Author: Gemma Blythe

Current role: Criminal Caseworker at Tuckers Solicitors

“This blog is a space for my thoughts on the Criminal Justice System and everything that runs alongside it; the law, offending, justice, the courts, probation and legal aid.”

Gemma, being a current law undergraduate student, uses her law blog as a form of self expression in relation to crucial areas of criminal law, providing the most important factors to be considered.

Through this, she demonstrates a highly educational blog which is incredibly relatable and interesting to read!

3. Law Actually

Author: Michael

Current role: In-house lawyer

“The blog of a practising lawyer and full-time cynic.”

This law blog follows slightly humorous and modern areas of the law, which are picked up on and cleverly analysed – with incredible points made by Michael, the author.

Controversial cases which include topics such as the gender wage gap, and rare examples of lawyers are shown, which allows for aspiring lawyers to pick up on issues they may wish to carry out their careers in.   

4. Lex Ferenda

Author: Daithí Mac Síthigh

Current role: Professor of Law and Innovation, Queen’s University Belfast

“Welcome to Lex Ferenda (‘the law as it ought to be’, approximately), which is my blog.”

Daithí Mac Síthigh has created a blog based largely upon very modern areas of law, often relating to social media and technology.

Thus, this is definitely a blog to follow if you may be interested in such a specific area of law, in terms of growing your knowledge relevant to IP or technology legal situations.

5. Ashley Connick’s blog

Author: Ashley Connick

Current role: Solicitor at an international law firm

“The thoughts of a future lawyer…”

Ashley Connick provides very original and specific tips and tricks for gaining training contracts, including the use of social media on a CV and the positive aspects of creating a law blog yourself to gain a training contract!


Legal blogs are an extremely efficient way of reinforcing your commercial awareness and legal knowledge, allowing you to gather information at your own pace. And who knows, maybe they might influence you to begin your own legal blog!

Published: 17/01/18      Author: Lexi Roache

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