Inner Temple boasts gardens, the famous Temple Church and many notable members. Take a closer look and discover whether this could be the Inn for you.


Inner temple initially started as “Inner Inn” alongside “Middle Inn” on shared land following the migration of lawyers to Holborn in around 1234. Inner Temple and Middle Temple became distinct societies by 1388, and while few early records of the inn have been found to detail its existence in the 14th and 15th century, records from the peasant revolt in 1381 detail the Temple’s presence. Among its notable members is Gandhi who served at 8 King’s Bench Walk while at Inner Temple.


Inner’s precincts contain three acres of gardens plus the famous Temple Church and resides alongside Middle Temple within the greater Temple area.


Inner Temple is the second largest inn of court with over 8,000 memebers and 300 student members.

Scholarship Awards

Inner has historically held the largest award pot of any Inn with its 2020 fund totalling £1.88 million. Bar scholarships are awarded to a quarter of those who apply with the average Bar Scholarship being well into five figures. The GDL scholarship fund tops out with £183,000 and holds an additional 2 named scholarships.

The Inn also holds funds dedicated to junior barristers wanting to gain experience outside the Bar and nine small pupillage scholarships, as well as £15,000 for disabled pupils. All scholarships, excluding named scholarships which are of fixed amounts, are means tested and reflect the individual needs of the candidate.


Notable Members

  • Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Indian independence activist
  • Lord Justice Birkett, alternate British judge during the Nuremberg Trials
  • Lady Justice Butler-Sloss, the first female Lord Justice of Appeal
  • Ivy Williams, the first woman called to the Bar
  • Rosalyn Higgins, the first female judge elected to the International Court of Justice.


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