As with the other Inns of Court, Gray’s Inn doesn’t submit a foundation date claiming to be any older than the other three Inns. It has been established however, that law clerks and their apprentices have been present at the grounds since at latest 1370, with the inn’s records dating back to 1381. Gray’s Inn is known today for its various social activities, including its member-written and performed pantomime cross cabaret show every Christmas.


Despite being the smallest Inn in terms of members, Gray’s Inn boasts one of the largest privately-owned outdoor spaces in London known as The Walks and is located close to Chancery Lane.


Gray’s Inn is the smallest inn, with 300 students joining each year. Its small membership intake is seen as an asset to its barristers. They consider the close-knit community feeling vital to creating a strong legal community and providing the best support.

Scholarship Awards

Gray’s Inn, as the smallest Inn, has the smallest scholarship bucket. However, despite the size of the fund, the awards are generous per head. In 2022 the Inn awarded 25-35 GDL scholarships worth £2,500 to £12,000 and 75-85 Bar Course scholarships which ranged from £5,000 to £30,000 including a residential scholarship which provides accommodation to its awardee. The award funds also cover a dozen pupillage scholarships – including awards for undertaking publicly funded work, as well as scholarships to support internships and the Hebe Plunkett scholarship for disabled students.

Notable Members

  • Thomas Allen, Lord Mayor of the City of London (1673)
  • Humphrey Waldoc, Justice of the International Court of Justice
  • Michael Hart, Judge of the Chancery Division
  • Baroness Hale, former president of the Supreme Court
  • Rose Heibron, first female QC


To join: https://www.graysinn.org.uk/joining/how-to-join/


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