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Cambridge Law Test

Are you considering applying to Cambridge University to study law? If so, you’ll need to sit the Cambridge Law Test, which is used alongside your interview performance, application and exam results. This page will tell you everything you need to know about sitting the Cambridge Law Test, as well as providing sample questions. You can also read more on studying Law at Oxbridge here.

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5 Top Tips for the Cambridge Law Interview

What is the Cambridge Law Test?

The Cambridge Law Test is a pen and paper test designed to assess your aptitude for law by testing your comprehension and exposition skills. Cambridge state that you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of law. You’ll have one hour to answer an essay question, and you’ll sit this on the day of your interview.

What will the Cambridge Law Test involve?

The Cambridge Law Faculty provide some examples for the type of questions you might find. In the test, you’ll be given a selection of three questions and asked to answer one in one hour.

There are three types of question that colleges tend to use:

  1. Essay questions
  2. Problem questions
  3. Comprehension questions

Essay Questions

Problem Questions

Comprehension Questions

How is the Cambridge Law Test marked?

In the Cambridge Law Test, you are assessed on the clarity of your response, how well you are able to engage with the issues in the question, and your ability to construct a well-written, clearly structured, coherent argument.

The Cambridge Law Test is marked out of 10 – the same way interviewees are assessed. The marks are as follows:

Where can I find examples of essay questions?

Below are some examples of essay questions that may appear in the Cambridge Law Test. You can also see more examples of essay questions in the three sample tests available on the Cambridge website here.


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