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Watson Glaser Test: 5 Top Tips

watson glaser

If you are in the process of applying for training contracts, you may come across one of the application stages called the Watson Glaser Test. You might be wondering what the test is – and more importantly, how to prepare for it.

You can now prepare for your Watson Glaser Test properly with our free Watson Glaser Practice Test!

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If your application is successful in the first round of reviews, you’ll probably have a link sent to you by email, with a link to an aptitude test called the Watson Glaser Test, which you’ll have to complete by a certain date.

The test is used by recruiters to assess your training contract application, and it is a series of multiple choice questions designed to evaluate your critical thinking and reasoning skills. Recruiters want to see your RED thinking skills:

  1. Recognising Assumptions
  2. Evaluating Arguments
  3. Drawing Conclusions

There are 5 categories of questions, and each requires a different way of thinking and evaluating data. The types of questions you’ll have to complete are:

The test will have a few example questions with answers and a short explanation at the start of each question section.

Make sure you complete as many practice tests as possible!

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the type of question in each category. Each type of question requires a pattern of thinking to reach the correct answer.

Complete as many practice tests or questions you can find online. This might be on the given law firm’s website, the Watson Glaser test provider website or other useful websites. Make the most of all the resources available to you.

Be aware of your timing!

Make sure you calculate how long the test is, and how long you will have for each section, or each question.

You’ll need to leave enough time to complete all of the questions and then be able to go back through, check your answers, and return to any questions you might be unsure about.

Remember to read the question thoroughly though, do not rush through and miss any important information!

Use the example questions to your advantage!

The example questions are provided for a reason – go through them all and try to see why answers are correct, and what method of thinking is required to reach that correct answer

Try to recognise patterns in the answers, and understand how you reached the right answer in each category. Be sure to separate each thinking process from the other sections!

Only use the information given to you in the question!

A difficult aspect of the Watson Glaser test is that you have to only use the information provided to you in the question to answer it correctly.

This means you will have to disregard anything you might already know about a certain topic, and ignore any prior knowledge you might have.

You must only use the information in the test in each question to reach your answer. This is how the test assesses your analytical and deductive skills.

Take the Watson Glaser Test in exam conditions!

  1. Make sure you have a computer with full internet access
  2. Ensure you will be taking the test somewhere that you won’t be disturbed – be aware of how noisy or distracting your surroundings might be!
  3. Be sure that you will have enough time to complete the full test without being rushed to finish it

Written by Amy Cheng


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