February 1, 2022

Episode two of Clifford Chance’s film series Law In The Time Of Covid opens with two Trainee Solicitors, Amelia Chammas and Saif Jalali, who were part of the first ever cohort who did their training contract inductions remotely.

Meanwhile, Mehjabin Ahmed returned to the UK for her fourth seat after being based at the Singapore office for six months. The Clifford Chance London office had changed immeasurably, and it was a hard thing for her to adjust to.

For all trainees, the pandemic challenged their ideas of what a career in law would look like.


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Amelia’s route to becoming a Solicitor was an unusual one. She holds a Master of Physics and a PhD in Plasma Science and Fusion Energy, but became interested in a career in law. She got a place on a vacation scheme first, then applied for the tech-focussed IGNITE training contract. It was during the vacation scheme that she discovered she was pregnant, and would need to push back the start of her training contract. The Clifford Chance team were really flexible and supportive, delaying her start date and introducing her to a network of Solicitors who undertook training contracts with children.

Watch part two of the film below to see how the winter lockdown impacted everyone, including when Amelia had to take her daughter to hospital after she caught COVID from her teacher, see how the path to promotion changed.

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