January 31, 2022
BPP University has announced the launch of its new Reverse Mentoring Scheme, designed to help organisations get an insight into the mindsets and experiences of students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

This four-month reverse mentoring scheme will partner law students with mentees who want to learn more about their experience. Together they’ll review things like the firm’s website and social media presence, or their recruitment and progression policies.

It’s hoped that the BPP Reverse Mentoring Scheme will see students challenge each partner firm’s equality, diversity and inclusion strategy from a different viewpoint, to drive forward positive change.

As well as making an impact, the volunteer mentors will learn more about company culture, values and the firm’s business strategy. Plus, they’ll get access to the many years of industry experience held by their mentees.

Who’s Signed Up?

There are already 60 law students who are reverse mentoring at law firms across Leeds and Manchester, including:

  • JMW
  • Stephensons
  • DWF
  • Horwich Farrelly
  • Stowe Family Law
  • Gateley PLC, Mills And Reeve
  • Gordons LLP
  • Weightmans, Hudgell, Brabners and Blacks

Learn More About BPP’s Reverse Mentoring Scheme

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How Does It Work?

Each partnership will begin by setting clear boundaries about the mentor’s role and what the consultations should focus on. The student mentor is asked to share their lived experience and any aspects of their identity that they think would be relevant. To make the sessions as impactful as possible, each party is encouraged to remain open-minded and be as authentic as possible.

Why Is Reverse Mentoring Important?

According to the latest ABA National Lawyer Population Survey, 86% of lawyers are white. This statistic hasn’t changed significantly over the last decade, which shows that more needs to be done to address equality, diversity and inclusion in law firms.

What Do Law Firms Think?

“Weightmans are extremely keen to take part in the Reverse Mentoring scheme,” said Charles Heppenstall, partner at Weightmans LLP. “The students’ feedback will allow us to tailor the guidance we are able to give, and thus maximise the benefit we can offer. We are very much looking forward to hearing what the students have to say!”


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