August 30, 2022
Wondering what sitting the LNAT is like? We speak to Alicia Gibson, who sat the test and is now studying Law at Newcastle University. Alicia tells The Lawyer Portal about her experience, the challenges of preparing for the exam and her advice for others sitting the test.

What was your LNAT experience like?

My experience was overall incredibly positive. It was a massive challenge for me, as not many of my fellow students choosing to study law were applying to universities that required the test – I can’t pretend it wasn’t nerve-wracking!

I received an above average LNAT score and thus my performance in the test clearly helped persuade universities that I was a suitable candidate to study law. This in turn boosted my confidence.

Although I decided not to attend a university that required the test, the test enabled me to practice skills like precision and debate, which are now invaluable to me.

How did you prepare for the LNAT?

I primarily used the resources available on the LNAT website. For example, I downloaded and regularly used the LNAT test simulator and I also used the American LSAT tests available online as advised by the LNAT consortium.

I read various newspapers online, like The Times, to help expand my vocabulary for the Multiple Choice Questions. I also persuaded my family to help me practice essay skills by making up questions for me to answer – then they would read and criticise my arguments.


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What are the most challenging aspects of the test?

I won’t sugar coat it – the whole thing was a challenge to me because it was something I had never experienced before. The exam was testing skills I had never had to use before, particularly building strong arguments. However, it was doable and with practice I began to know exactly how to approach the test in a way that worked for me.

What advice would you give others sitting the LNAT?

Practice every aspect of the LNAT and don’t stop practising! Then once you have isolated the aspects you most struggle with, practice them even more.

Ask for help. Your teachers and careers advisers at your sixth form or college will be more than happy to help you feel more confident in approaching the test.

Try not to panic too much. The exam is a challenge, but it is a challenge completely worth it in the long run, both for the application stage and for your future legal studies.


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