September 20, 2023
The legal profession is an ever-evolving field, and one of the most recent changes to take shape is the Law Society’s recommendation for a substantial pay rise for trainee solicitors in 2023. In this article, we will look at current salary recommendations, what a 2023 increase might look like and finally discuss both pros and cons of the move.

Current Trainee Solicitor Salary Recommendations

The Law Society of England and Wales currently recommends £21,024 outside of London and £23,703 in the capital. This is lower than the national average wage for most professions and is likely to be discouraging for many aspiring lawyers. 

In light of this, the Law Society has recommended a pay rise of up to 10% for trainee solicitors in 2023, in order to bring their salaries more in line with the cost of living. The potential wage increase for trainee solicitors could be an important step in ensuring that those starting out in their career receive a fair salary for their work.

It remains unclear how the Law Society’s recommendation will affect wages and career prospects amongst trainee solicitors in 2023; however it is clear that these changes have far reaching implications for both legal professionals as well as members of the public engaging with them. The Law Society’s yearly recommendation will be used to inform future decisions about trainee solicitor wages and provide guidance on how best to ensure fairness within this part of professional life going forward.

What The 2023 Pay Rise Looks Like

The specifics of this recommended increase is a rise to £23,122 outside of London and £26,068. This increase of 9.8% is designed to improve job satisfaction among the legal profession and encourage more people to join the field.

However, the recommendation is not legally binding and is just a suggestion for law firms. Despite this it serves as important guidance for employers when setting wages for trainees and is typically heeded.


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Pros And Cons Of The Wage Increase

The Law Society of England and Wales’s recommendation for a pay rise for trainees could bring many benefits to the legal profession. On the one hand, it could lead to improved morale and job satisfaction among trainee solicitors, as well as encouraging more people to enter the legal profession. Furthermore, it could help those struggling with the cost of living crisis – allowing them to have better financial security in their roles.

On the other hand, there are some potential drawbacks that need to be considered. One concern is that the increased wage could lead to an oversupply of solicitors, resulting in lower wages for more experienced solicitors. This could lead to an inflationary effect on wages across other professions, making it harder for those who have been in their field longer to stay competitive when negotiating salaries. Additionally, if there are too many solicitors entering the field, this could also lead to a decrease in quality standards due to lack of competition within certain firms or geographic areas.


Overall, there are substantial benefits to this suggested wage increase, primarily for trainee solicitors themselves. Although there may be issues with an oversupply of solicitors and an inflationary effect on wages, due to the cost of living crisis this increase is critical and necessary.


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