September 23, 2021

There are many draws to studying at the University of Buckingham’s Law School, including completing an LLB in two years to gaining hands-on work experience during the degree. Megan Hillis, who graduated with an LLB and LLM from Buckingham, shares her experience from an international perspective.

An International Perspective

As an international student, the University of Buckingham LLB degree programme was the absolute best experience I could have hoped for. Unlike equivalent law programmes in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Nigeria, the US, and many other countries around the world, the University of Buckingham LLB can be completed in just two years. The University of Buckingham LLB provided an opportunity for me to save both time and money, while enabling me to explore the United Kingdom and the surrounding area. The short holiday periods in-between terms allowed me to visit places I’ve always wanted to travel, such as the International Court of Criminal Justice in the Netherlands and the incredible scenery of Scotland. With so many countries close by and inexpensive means of travel available, I was able to see so many things I wouldn’t have been able to if I had pursued a law degree elsewhere.

The campus itself is nestled in the rolling green hills of Buckinghamshire, with several amenities in the historic town of Buckingham, beautiful green spaces throughout the town and close by in places such as the National Trust Stowe and Blenheim Palace. This small University is embedded within this scenic town providing a truly unique experience. The opportunity to work with and develop friendships with peers from all over the world has been truly incredible. I look forward to staying in touch with the friends I have made and visiting them in their respective parts of the world someday.


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Achieving Academic Excellence

Studying at the University of Buckingham provides a law school experience unlike the traditional structure of most schools. Upon arrival each student is assigned a personal tutor who is a member of the Law School Staff, giving each student a point of contact for any concerns and/or issues throughout the LLB degree programme. Further, students meet in small tutorial groups ranging from 5-8 people outside of major lectures in order to prepare for exams and ensure a full understanding of the subject matter at hand. The small group teaching model means that lecturers know most students by name and make themselves very approachable. Lecturers stay after classes to answer questions and are available during student hours each week, ensuring that if needed one-to-one help is available.

I graduated with a first-class degree with the Law School Prize for ‘Best Finalist’ and the Sir Ivan Lawrence Prize for Best Full Time Finalist. On top of being able to engage academically, I was also able to take part in real legal experience through the Street Legal programme during my time in the LLB programme. The Street Legal placement scheme allowed me to attend the Croydon Crown Court, shadowing a criminal Barrister during the trial phase of an extremely interesting and engaging case. I enjoyed my time at the University of Buckingham so much during my LLB, that I went on to complete the International and Commercial LLM programme in the 8 months following my LLB. Thus, I was able to complete both my LLB and LLM within 2 years and 8 months, the same time most law students spend on their first law degree.

The View From Canada

Though Canadian students wishing to study law in the UK should always check with the NCA, the University of Buckingham’s LLB allows students to demonstrate their competence to the NCA with a view to practising law in Canada. As a result, Buckingham has many successful Canadian graduates who now practice law in Canada. Having made friends with many of my international colleagues, I know this is also the case for other countries around the world. It is usually simple and easy to find your country’s accreditation requirements for law degrees, and whether the LLB degree is accepted, and students should naturally familiarise themselves with these directly before making any decision to study abroad.

Another exciting opportunity for international students (in effect as of time of writing) is the chance to apply for a Graduate Visa that extends a student’s capacity to stay in the UK for a further two years following graduation. This allows graduates the opportunity to remain for temporary reasons like travel or can be used by those looking to use this visa as a bridge toward another a long-term visa, for those planning on moving to the UK permanently or long-term after graduation, for example. With all the University of Buckingham has to offer, if you are a student considering a law degree (even from abroad) look into whether the LLB programme at Buckingham could be the right fit for you.

More Information

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