November 16, 2022
The Clifford Chance training contract gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different practice areas across the firm and undertake a variety of stimulating challenges. During your training contract, you’ll learn from lawyers at the top of their industry and take on challenges that will equip you with the tools to thrive throughout your career. 

How Does the Training Contract Work?

Through a series of rotations in our practice areas, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to explore the business, including the possibility of undertaking client and international secondments. 

Each rotation starts with thorough training in that practice area, so you’re up to speed with the differences and basics of how they work from the outset. With a supervisor in each seat and regular meetings with a dedicated Graduate Development Specialist, you get to utilise the training contract to help meet your personal ambitions.

What Support is Available?

Trainees have a variety of resources available to offer support and development throughout the training contract and beyond. The pioneering Clifford Chance Academy develops innovative learning tools that offer continuous development during your career. With courses taught by respected internal and external experts, as well as talks from clients to put learning into context, you get access to all the learning you need to keep your skills up to date and relevant. 

Clifford Chance has partnered with the University of Law to deliver our bespoke, innovative and dynamic new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) programme. As well as offering intensive preparation for your SQE 1&2 exams, the programme also includes Clifford Chance Plus. This bespoke programme experience, designed by Clifford Chance with the University of Law, offers training in three core areas: blackletter technical law, commercial thinking and developing interpersonal connections. This unique approach incorporates innovative learning technology and predictive analytics that focus on diversity and inclusion. 

Do You Need to Take the PGDL?

Talented lawyers can come from any academic discipline, so if you studied a subject other than law at university, Clifford Chance will support you to take the PGDL, which serves as an introduction to the legal world and its major practice areas. The firm will cover your course fees and provide maintenance of £12,500 if you complete the PGDL in London and £10,000 if you complete it outside London. You’ll then undertake SQE prep.

Why Clifford Chance?

As a trainee, you’ll join a global team of bright minds in one of the world’s leading law firms. With over 30 offices across the world, Clifford Chance advises market-leading clients on complex deals that frequently headline the business and financial news, and the work you do and the people you work with won’t be limited by where you’re based. From when you join as a trainee, you’ll become an integral part of an innovative, diverse and ambitious team of people.



Now that I have a Training Contract at Clifford Chance, I can get exposure to cutting-edge global work and a broad range of seats from the London office. That was one of the many attractions of the Firm, along with the people you meet, and the chance to learn from world-class lawyers.

Jeffrey Arthur

Future Trainee


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