Published on July 7, 2017 by Site Editor

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is now on Instagram! Hear more straight from CILEx in our blog below – or follow them now @CILExHQ

Social Media’s role in finding helpful information

Over the past 10 years the development of technology has made it easier and easier to get information that we need fast, but sometimes it’s not always that easy to find specific information when it comes to progression in the legal sector. It could just be my terrible Googling skills but what I have found is that when searching for something so niche and specific, such as examples of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), you often get either nothing at all or completely conflicting information and it can be so infuriating it almost makes me want to slam my avocado toast on the ground along with my Venti Frappuccino.

Getting the chance to work for one of the largest membership organisations in the sector, CILEx, I have had the opportunity to exercise some of my frustrations with this. Therefore the wider CILEx team and I have come up with a way for CILEx members and people wanting to find out more about CILEx to have easy access to information about studying, qualifying and other topics that span the legal sector.

CILEx has created an Instagram page dedicated to cutting through the legal jargon so often used and explaining important information simply through videos, discussion topics and case studies. Sadly if you’re looking for eyebrow tips or a cute little puppy dabbing, we don’t have that. What the page does offer is regular features which breakdown tasks that are often seen as confusing or daunting like what is CPD, how to qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer as well as detailed breakdowns of the CILEx course structure.

One of the best things about this page is that if what you want to know isn’t on there you can still get involved in our regular discussions and get your questions answered.

CILEx has been a prevalent user of social media in recent years with relevant pages across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but what we feel is different about this new launch is how the content has been driven by the feedback of people just like you. This page is about giving information in a quick and easy format that can be used to assist you in your journey through the legal sector.

Rather than ramble on about how this page will change your life forever*, the best thing to do would be to check it out, search @CILExHQ on Instagram and get involved.

*full disclosure, this is most certainly not going to change your life forever but it will just make some parts slightly easier/less boring.


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