January 24, 2022
The end of 2021 marks the beginning of BPP’s newest career development program, the Bridge Programme. Launching December 13 2021, is the first of its kind and boasts a range of online modules and training to help aspiring solicitors and barriers prepare for their future careers.

What Is The Bridge Programme?

BPP’s new bridge programme aims to bridge the gap between a degree and the next stage of legal training to support your career aspirations in law. It includes modules that share relevant information to help with career-related decisions and help to develop the critical competences needed during recruitment processes.

The programme consists of two tracks, tailored for the aspirations of students.

The first; ‘Bridge to the SQE’, is tailored towards aspiring solicitors and includes modules such as Navigating the SQE, Virtual Vacation Schemes, and an Introduction to Legal Technology.

The second; ‘Bridge the Bar’, provides support for aspiring barristers and provides Bar focused modules, including Preparing for the BTC, a Virtual Mini Pupillage and an Advocacy Masterclass.

“I see BPP’s Bridge programme as a great platform for our students to use as they clarify their career thinking and plan their next steps,” said .Dr Nigel Spencer, Professor of Education Innovation & Professional Practice at partner uni Queen Mary University of London. “At their own pace, they can work through modules which give guidance on the skills employers seek, offer practical exercises in virtual vacation schemes, or simulated mini pupillages, build their communication skills, and help them to learn about key topics for the future such as the use of technology in legal practice.”


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Supporting Further Study

The Bridge Programme doesn’t only provide career development opportunities between graduation and further legal training, it also presents an opportunity to support your further study . In fact, students who complete at least half of the relevant Bridge Programme have the chance of being awarded a BPP scholarship, which is provided by way of a course-fee reduction against the cost of BPP’s Law Foundation Course, LPC, SQE, BTC or any of the related Master’s programmes.

100 students have already enrolled in the programme – and many more are expected to sign up over the holidays.

Who Is Eligible For The Programme?

The Bridge programme is currently is open to final year students at eight partner universities. These are:

  • Birkbeck
  • Essex
  • London School of Economics
  • Leicester
  • Lancaster
  • Nottingham
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Royal Holloway

Each partner university will also award one £5,000 Social Mobility scholarship to one of its eligible students and up to three more awards worth £2,000 each.


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