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BPP University Law School has announced that it will begin using a new AI-powered learning platform to help students succeed in not only their professional legal qualifications – namely the Solicitors Qualifying Exams and the Bar Standards Board assessments – but also their future careers within the legal industry.

What Will the AI platform Look Like?

The goal of these new AI education tools is to provide students with a unique learning path specific to them which gives them the “optimum balance” of expert teaching, peer learning, and self-study. Regular testing across the programme with instant feedback will also ensure maximum recall. Additionally, the personalised aspect of the programme means that each individual student will be given the materials which most benefit them and be able to move through them at their own pace.

There will be several different tools introduced as part of the new technology:

BPP Adapt

The first part of the new platform to be introduced to students will be a “machine learning-driven study platform” called BPP Adapt. Working alongside the usual in-person teaching, BPP Adapt will give students access to a range of online resources including presentations, texts and primary and secondary legal sources.

It is also suggested that BPP Adapt will contribute to the law school’s focus on wellbeing by allowing staff to have a clearer insight on certain study patterns which may be detrimentally affecting a student’s wellbeing. This will allow tutors to work directly with individuals to review study plans and help create more effective study habits.

Dean of BPP Law School, Andrew Chadwick highlights, “BPP Adapt will generate a personalised learning plan for every student to ensure each student is presented with the right resources (…) at the right time”

Virtual Practice Environment

Having built and consolidated their knowledge through both expert teaching at BPP and the use of BPP Adapt, students will then have access to the second education technology investment made by BPP – a virtual practice environment.

Described as being “purpose-built” for students to put their learning into context and consolidate their knowledge, the virtual practice environment will “emulate real-world practice” through the replication of the kind of intranet seen in a typical law firm or chambers. The virtual practice environment will provide a series of real-life experience-based online learning tasks.

Mr. Chadwick believes that far from the content being merely learned and regurgitated, BPP’s new investments allow an approach to studying which will achieve “long term, deep learning” for students which will, in turn, prepare them better for assessment and practice.

Will This Replace Old-Style Teaching?

BPP makes clear that this new education platform is an enhancement to their core education system and will allow students to better refine their learning. However, they know that “collaborative peer learning guided by an expert tutor” is still the basis of the highest quality teaching programmes. Additionally, Andrew Chadwick, Dean of BPP University said that the new technology will not isolate their students but rather help foster a close relationship between peers and tutors to aid in learning.

Who Created It?

This new technology has been developed by BPP in partnership with leading AI education developers CENTURY Tech. CENTURY is an award-winning AI education company made up of teachers, neuroscientists and technologists who work together to create and develop artificial intelligence learning tools for all types of educational environments. Founded in 2013 by Priya Lakhani OBE, the company’s goal is to remove any blocks to education to allow students to be in the best position to succeed.

BPP has invested more than £1.5 million into the creation of this new education platform which has been in its developing stages for the past year.

Visit BPP’s website for more information.

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