Published on June 28, 2017 by Laura

A debating society is a great way to practice before you get into the legal world. It allows you to research, state your arguments and present your case. It can be a rare opportunity to showcase yourself and strengthen your skills. This is helpful if you do not have a vacation scheme, as this can build your CV and open your eyes to what you can expect as a lawyer.

1. Get involved

Try to get involved with the debating society at university – it’s a great way to meet other budding lawyers as well as practising your skills and building your CV at the same time! 

2. Network

Both in and outside of the debating society, try to make new like-minded friends and build knowledge about different firms. If there are competitions the debating society is involved with, try entering once you have had proper preparation. It can be a fun way to build relationships with those interested in the same things. 

3. Watch someone else

This is a great way to prepare for debating. There are plenty of examples of debating on YouTube – so spend some time watching videos and gaining an idea of what to expect. Watching other people’s public speaking skills will also help you to research how to present yourself in front of others. You may have great ideas and arguments, but if you mumble through your speech, you won’t come across very well! Try watching BBC Parliament and TED Talk to get an idea of what a good speech looks like. Put their techniques into practice and you’ll become more confident over time.

4. News

This is a crucial aspect of developing good debating skills. Keeping up to date with the news so that you are aware of issues in the world will make your arguments much more persuasive. You can watch different news channels as some stations broadcast debates. 

Words: Dorothy


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