August 24, 2022

Tip #1: Practice Debating

If you are preparing for your LNAT, you will already know that it is important for both the multiple choice and essay section to be able to argue and understand critical points. 

Beyond doing practice tests, reading opinion articles and writing practice essays, you can always opt to bring your friends or classmates together to debate a controversial topic face-to-face.

For some examples of topics relevant to the LNAT, you could use one of TLP’s example LNAT essay questions online to debate.

Healthy debate is good for the brain and your school may even help you facilitate this if enough people think it would be useful. However, this shouldn’t descend into chaos. Whilst practicing this way, remember all the tips you have gained from previous TLP articles about forming evidence based arguments.

You should pick a side and try to make your arguments as complete as possible. This tip works even better if someone offers to argue the contrary to your points so you can attempt to make your arguments as strong as possible.


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Tip #2: Use the Roundabout Method

One of the biggest tips about revising for the LNAT is to start as early as possible and be organised in your revision as you move towards the deadline. However, it can be really annoying when you started early and seem to have exhausted all the material.

Despite this initial annoyance, it might actually improve your chance of success – because it helps to practice it all again. This is called the roundabout method because you move in a circle of preparation.

Starting early gives you a chance to have an initial try at all the simulated practice tests online and then move on to other material. You can then do some more practice essay writing, read lots of news, study critical arguments as well as opinion pieces.

The idea is to then come back and do the simulated practice questions again. You won’t remember exactly what you have read or what was the right answer in the end but you will probably, be able to retrieve the answer faster and perform better second time around. The more times you go around the roundabout, the more you will improve.


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Tip #3: Practise Writing as Much as Possible

Maybe this one seems a little simplistic and that’s because it is! The LNAT essay tests your ability to provide balanced, evidenced arguments in a concise manner using clear language. Much of what we write in school is “flowery” – written in a very intelligent but unnecessarily flamboyant way.

The LNAT (and universities, in fact) want to break that habit, but you don’t just have to write lots of LNAT essays to practice writing in this way.

Whilst, of course, writing practice essays is an important part of preparing for the LNAT, it often helps to just simply practice writing any concise, well formulated piece of text.

Reviewing what you have written and editing bits that haven’t been written as concisely as possible will help to improve your LNAT writing skills. In the LNAT assessment you won’t have much time for checking and editing, so the more you review your own writing now the better your essay will be during the exam.


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