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Vantage is changing the way law recruitment works. From now on, if you’re smart enough, you’re good enough.

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Supported by Leading Law Firms

Vantage is supported by top law firms.

This means that there are a huge number of fantastic opportunities being offered directly to Vantage users, including work experience, vacation schemes and training contracts.

Founding partners of Vantage who want to make contact about their roles include:

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How Does Vantage Work?

As an aspiring solicitor at school, university or beyond, Vantage will increase your chances of securing:

How does it do this?

In short, it matches candidates to fantastic opportunities at law firms in a much smarter way than ever before.

It uses something called contextual recruitment.

That means it creates opportunities for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, or felt you didn’t have the ‘right’ background.

Plus, it uses your geographical location and other information to ensure you get exactly the right opportunities for you.

All you need to do is sign-up for free. Vantage does the rest.

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Creating Opportunity for Everyone

Vantage helps candidates from all backgrounds. Everyone who wants to be a solicitor should sign up.

It also ensures that people who felt they didn’t have a chance in the past now get the opportunities they deserve.

It does this by:


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