Experience A Criminal Trial

Our online mock trials are a fun, interactive way for you to deepen your understanding of how the criminal legal system works in the UK and strengthen your UCAS law application.

Understand The Criminal Trial Process

You'll learn about every step in criminal trials, including how to address the Judge and call witnesses to the stand.

Receive Your First Instructions To Counsel

You'll see how Barristers are briefed ahead of criminal trials and if acting as the Barrister, you'll use this information to prepare a case.

See How Witnesses Get Briefed

You'll receive the witness' briefing paper and use this information to work out what to say if you're playing the key role of witness.

Group 7

It was brilliant ...[the tutor, Tommy] gave very appropriate amounts of preparation time and coaching on the day. The students seemed very engaged and Tommy was spot on; incredibly knowledgeable but also very clear in his explanations and facilitating and also very approachable.

Assistant Head of Churcher's College

Log Into The Lawyer Portal's Virtual 'Court'

Join our virtual ‘Crown Court’ to experience the inner workings of a criminal trial. You’ll learn how trials are structured, and work as a team to role-play each of the key roles. It’s a fun way to strengthen your understanding of the law, see whether you enjoy the preparation work before trials, and build your Personal Statement.

Group 8

See How Barristers Prepare For Trials

Before the mock trial starts, you’ll receive a set of instructions that reflects the way that Solicitors usually brief Barristers. You’ll need to use this information to prepare for the role that you’ll simulate in the mock trial, whether that’s as a barrister or a witness.

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Experience A Criminal Trial

On the day, you’ll log in to our virtual ‘Crown Court’ and meet our ‘Judge’. You’ll get a reminder about how criminal trials are structured and then introduce yourself to everyone. Then the mock trial starts, our ‘Judge’ will walk everyone through the structure and you’ll be able to observe and interact when it’s your time to role-play. At the end of the mock trial, the ‘Judge’ will tell you what the ‘Jury’ has decided and give you feedback on how the trial went.


Ask Our Tutor Anything About Studying Law

Once the mock trial has come to a close, the Tutor will be available to answer any questions you have about studying law. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what studying law is really like, or simply ask them to share their career goals.

Group 2

Enhance Your Personal Statement

This mock trial offers a number of opportunities for you to enhance your Personal Statement, including:

  • Show that you’ve explored law as a career
  • Reflect on your preparation work
  • Reflect on what you learnt from the mock trial
  • Demonstrate why you think law is a good fit for you
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We answer some frequently asked questions about our mock trials

Is a mock trial a debate?

Mock trials are a bit more complicated than debates and involve cross examination, opening/closing speeches and objection statements.

What does a mock trial teach you?

A mock trial teaches you to present your ideas in public and to assess, examine and criticise information. It also gives you a realistic idea of what working in a courtroom entails.

Will completing a mock trial look good on university and job applications/

Most definitely! We encourage you to include the experience in your personal statements and on your CVs.

Can I take part as a non-law student?

Of course! No legal knowledge is required and you will be sent all the information you need before the trial begins.

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