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Mock Trials - Now Online

The Lawyer Portal offers students of all abilities who want to pursue a career in law an insight into how the law works via mock trials.

Now online

Out mock trials have changed to an interactive online format.

Realistic simulation

Get a taste of the workings of the courtroom!

No legal experience necessary

Suitable for law, non-law and school students.

What's the Aim of Mock Trials?

Workshops are designed to encourage students to think critically, understand how to build a case, and ultimately to enjoy the experience.

These dynamic virtual mock trial workshops are designed to provide participants with a true-to-life interactive experience of a criminal law case in a virtual Crown Court, from start to finish. Participants will assume the roles of barristers and witnesses and carry out a full trial.

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What Do Mock Trials Cover?

In the build-up to the day of the mock trial, participants will be sent a link to a webinar presentation providing a fantastic overview of the English legal system and possible careers in law.

To prepare for the trial, participants will receive a set of instructions (as barristers receive these from solicitors) along with the case files, and they will be told which role they will be playing and how to prepare for it.

A tutor, who has a legal background, will act as the judge overseeing the trial, sealing the fate of the defendant!

After the mock trial, the tutor will run a Q&A with students to around the study of law and law careers along with what they can be doing now to reinforce their CV.

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It was brilliant ...[the tutor, Tommy] gave very appropriate amounts of preparation time and coaching on the day. The students seemed very engaged and Tommy was spot on; incredibly knowledgeable but also very clear in his explanations and facilitating and also very approachable.

Assistant Head of Churcher's College

Mock Trials for Individual Participants

Following the success of our school mock trials, we are now offering the workshops to individual participants. Book now to boost your advocacy skills and learn about life in the courtroom.

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Mock Trials for Schools

This workshop is open to school students with an interest in law or is keen to explore the subject.

If you’re interested in a Mock Trial for your school, let us know and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how it can be delivered to suit you.

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Mock Trials

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Online Mock Trials for Individual Participants


We answer some frequently asked questions about our mock trials

Is a mock trial a debate?

Mock trials are a bit more complicated than debates and involve cross examination, opening/closing speeches and objection statements.

What does a mock trial teach you?

A mock trial teaches you to present your ideas in public and to assess, examine and criticise information. It also gives you a realistic idea of what working in a courtroom entails.

Will completing a mock trial look good on university and job applications/

Most definitely! We encourage you to include the experience in your personal statements and on your CVs.

Can I take part as a non-law student?

Of course! No legal knowledge is required and you will be sent all the information you need before the trial begins.

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