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Law School Interview Preparation

To impress admissions tutors at some of the UK’s leading law schools, you’ll need to be fully prepared for any questions that may be asked at a university interview.

While some universities require you to take the LNAT before being accepted onto a course, others require an interview to narrow down candidates for law. It’s a highly competitive study area and so not all who apply are guaranteed a place.

Give yourself the edge during the university application process by booking bespoke law school interview preparation with TLP.

Book law school interview preparation

What Can Law School Interview Preparation Cover?

We can tailor your needs to suit you. Some of the possible options on offer are:

How Do I Book Law School Interview Preparation?

Book your tailored sessions by clicking the link below and indicate your specific requirements. You will then be able to speak to one of our tutoring coordinators to arrange the perfect session(s) that will boost your confidence and help your application stand out to admissions tutors.

Book law school interview preparation

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