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What is the SQE and Why Should You Care

October 18, 2018

The SQE has changed the legal industry and knowing how it’ll affect your law career is paramount in making sure you’re on the right path. Take 30 seconds to sign up to TLP and you’ll receive free, tailored information for your aspirations and stage straight to your inbox, as well as be the first to…

Mini-pupillage agreement

How to Choose a Mini-pupillage

October 17, 2018

As some chambers will only take on pupils that have completed a mini-pupillage with them, it is important to select wisely when you start applications. This is also a chance to explore your interest within law and get some sense about what you want to specialise in later on. The broad specialisms include: commercial law,…

Relax during your law degree

5 Ways to Relax When Doing a Law Degree

October 16, 2018

Be organised Ask any individual who is studying Law and there’s no denying that being organised will help you manage your stress levels whilst you study. Studying at university teaches you many things and being organised is one of them. From A-Levels you’re taught to be organised too, so it’s up to you whether you…

training contract conference vacation scheme conference

Kim Kardashian’s Suspect Copyrighting Case

October 15, 2018

“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” – Coco Chanel. In this article, we discuss the law surrounding copyrighting and detail some interesting cases surrounding top, current celebrities. Take 30 seconds to sign up to TLP and you’ll receive free, tailored information for your aspirations and stage straight to your inbox,…

Legal news

Stay Up-To-Date With Legal News – Top 10 Tips

October 11, 2018

In old fashioned law firm interviews, you could often get away with putting on the charm and speaking praisfully about the company you were interviewing at. Nowadays, due to the large number of applicants, competition is tough and you need more skills to call upon in your arsenal if you want to achieve success. Keeping…

Bodyguard TV series and studying law

What Has Bodyguard Got to Do With Law

October 10, 2018

We recently released an article discussing the RIPA 18 and whether the act in the hit TV series Bodyguard was accurate. In this piece, we go further into the believability of the show by studying the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch. Take 30 seconds to sign up to TLP and you’ll receive free, tailored information…

Top 10 Websites for Law Students

Top 5 Benefits of Doing a Non-Standard Law Degree

October 9, 2018

You probably know what a standard Law degree is as in an LLB. But do you know what a non-standard law degree is? Here are a few examples: Law with Criminology Law with French Law with an Integrated Professional Course Law with a Year in Industry This article aims to inform you of the benefits…

Bodyguard BBC series

Bodyguard: RIPA 18 – Fact or Fiction?

October 8, 2018

*Spoiler Alert* – If you haven’t already completed the series, then you may want to do so before reading to the end of this article. We discuss whether Bodyguard was realistic and whether RIPA is something that could be implemented in the UK. Take 30 seconds to sign up to TLP and you’ll receive free,…

Best websites for law students

Top 10 Websites for Law Students

October 4, 2018

Now is the best time to be a law student. The internet has a ton of useful websites that can make a law student’s life much easier than ever before. This article provides you with the top 10 websites that will help you to progress your law career. #1 The Lawyer Portal Without sounding biased,…

Law skills

Why Transferable Skills Win Vacation Scheme Placements

October 3, 2018

Applications for training contracts are highly competitive, with many firms taking the decision to solely recruit candidates who have already participated in their vacation schemes. It is therefore essential to ensure that you pitch your vacation scheme application correctly and demonstrate the transferable skills that you have gained during your undergraduate degree. Take 30 seconds…


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