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how to make the most of your summer before uni


Summer’s finally here. You’ve studied hard and now have two months before beginning your first, second or third year of university. While you might be tempted to spend that time binge-watching Netflix, it’s important to get a head start on your course. 

There are several ways in which you can do this, which are discussed in this article.

Read Law Books

Law books are a great way to make your applications sparkle when applying for internships and vacation schemes. They also introduce you to the concepts you will be exploring during your course, and skills such as legal research and writing to stand you in good stead for the rest of the year.

You can also explore different areas of law and gain an insight into the type of law you would like to pursue so you can make an informed decision about your university modules.

Be sure to check out your university’s course page for a reading list or reach out to someone in the department who can provide one, if one is not available on the site. Aim to read a couple during the coming months to best prepare you for your upcoming course.

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Arrange Some Virtual Law Work Experience

Virtual law work experience can help you gain practical experience of law and a first-hand look into the legal profession. You can practice what you’ll study at university, and also gain an insight into the type of law you might want to pursue, through immersive career experiences such as those offered by InvestIN.

You will also gain the opportunity to network, which will help you when applying for training contracts and pupillage in the future. Work experience during the summer will also aid your professional development as you learn how to interact and conduct yourself in a professional environment.

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Complete an Online Course

Online courses are another way to get a head start on your course as they introduce major concepts. Many of them mirror the modules covered at university and will allow you to brush up on your understanding of law and its practical applications in the real world.

While some courses offer a general overview to equip you with basic themes and skills, some are more specialised, thereby offering an in-depth look into particular areas of law you may want to specialise in.

Most of these courses can be completed within a few weeks and provide course materials that you can revisit later.

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You’ve just finished a gruelling exam season and will soon be facing the various challenges posed by university. This summer is perfect for you to enjoy a well-deserved break so be sure to enjoy yourself, perhaps do a spot of travelling and catch up with friends.

Make yourself more employable with these top tips:

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