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Are LLMs worth it?

An LLM or Legum Magister is recognised around the world for being a historic and well-established legal qualification. Whilst it is not necessary to obtain one to practice law, it has been argued that the experience and expertise a candidate can gain from an LLM will make them more attractive to law firms.

Why Might LLMs Might be Worth it for Some People

Why Might LLMs Might not be Worth it for Others

It’s also good to consider that completing an LLM is expensive (£10,000-£20,000 in the UK; $10,000-$60,000 in the US) and typically takes 12 months to complete. Therefore, undertaking one is a big commitment. It may be more beneficial and cost-effective to do some work experience, either paid or voluntary, to strengthen a CV rather than take on the debt of an LLM.

Although there are more scholarships on offer for the LLM than the LLB, gaining this funding is competitive and is usually given to those who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in law academia, as opposed to those who would like to undertake further study to advance a career in a law firm.

Who is Most Likely to Benefit from Taking an LLM?

Therefore, the question ‘is the LLM worth it?’ is too broad to be answered simply. The value of an LLM depends on the motivations of a student for completing it.

Words: Holly Porter

Setting your sights on an LLM degree? Check out our LLM Courses page for a list of some of the UK institutions offering the graduate course. 

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