Why do people use UCAS Adjustment and how do you become eligible to use it? Read on for information on the process.


What Is Adjustment?

Adjustment is a service UCAS provides to give students who have achieved better exam results than expected the chance to apply to a different university.

You may have been offered a conditional or unconditional offer from one or more universities, but if you outperform and decide that you want to apply for a different law degree at a more prestigious university, you can do so providing that there are available spaces.

Bear in mind that places on the law courses at some of the top UK law schools might be full by this stage. However, since some students with conditional offers to these universities may not have achieved the grades they wanted and have to go through clearing, in which case, there could be some spaces.


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How Does UCAS Adjustment for Law Work?

  1. First, you must register for Adjustment on the UCAS website.
  2. Next, you should contact the admissions offices of the universities you’re interested in applying to to see if there are any available spaces
  3. Then you should make a decision on the university you wish to switch to
  4. You will receive a confirmation letter from the university

When Does UCAS Adjustment Open?

You can use UCAS Adjustment for law from 13th – 31st August. We advise you to act quickly, because spaces will fill up fast.

Adjustment Tips:

  • Do thorough research into each university and the course they are offering. Think about the course structure, the location and the accommodation on offer. Try to speak to current students to ask for advice.
  • Don’t verbally accept an offer over the phone until you’re sure about it. If you’re just calling the university for information, make this clear. You are only allowed to have one Adjustment offer and once you agree to it, you’ll lose your original place.
  • If you do better than expected in your exams but are happy with your chosen university, there’s no obligation to change it!
  • Keep your UCAS personal ID handy when you’re calling universities as you’ll need to quote this to them.

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