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ccvico asked this 11 months ago Answered

I am in need of an apprenticeship?

To whom ever this may concern My name is Christan Covi I am a year 12 student attending a sixth form in north london. I am currently studying three A-Levels; English literature, government and politics and sociology. I have a serious passion for the study of law and all things to do with a career in it in the future. I am curious if any firms or chambers had any Law apprenticeships or shadowing courses for under graduate students with a passion in the field?
Thank you.


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isabellaford answered this 10 months ago

Hi Christan,

That’s great that you’ve got an interest in law! I’m afraid that at the moment, you can only get an apprenticeship as a solicitor, a paralegal or a chartered legal executive, but not a barrister – so your best best of applying for an apprenticeship would be to a law firm rather than a chambers.

Many law firms run apprenticeship schemes now – you can find a list of a lot of them on our Legal Apprenticeships page (under free guides).

Considering you’re based in North London, I would highly recommend you book a free ticket to our Law Apprenticeship Conference we are holding in London in March – you will find out more about what opportunities and available to you and how to obtain an apprenticeship. Take a look here:

I hope this helps – let me know if you have any more questions!




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