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Tiana Falla asked this 1 year ago Answered

How do I know which law to study?

I am a student with an aspiration to be a barrister. I am still undecided on which type of law I would like to study. Has anyone got any tips on how to make this decision?

Thank you


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isabellaford answered this 1 year ago

Hi Tiana,


If you’re applying for university, most law degree courses will have modules on different types of law. This means you’re able to learn a fair amount about each type before you have to make a concrete decision, so don’t panic too early! Many universities also offer optional modules, so we recommend you have a look at our page on the different areas of legal practise,, and try and narrow down what areas you find particularly interesting, to make your module decisions slightly easier.

Once you’ve finished your law degree/law conversion and BPTC, you’ll start looking for somewhere to complete your pupillage, which is when you’ll be able to choose what sort of chambers you would like to work in, e.g. criminal, corporate etc. As you’re still a student, you most likely still have a fair amount of time to make this decision. My main piece of advice for you is to keep researching and read about other people’s experiences working in different areas of law, to work out what would suit you. Have a look at our blog page if you need some inspiration – for example, this article about human rights law: Another option is to apply for work experience in different areas of law to similarly get a feel for which career path suits you.


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!





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