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Neelofar Ahmed asked this 11 months ago Answered


I am currently in my first year of A Levels. My subjects are the following: Law, History, Mathematics, and Economics. I would like to apply for LLB. 

I have planned an internship at a Law firm for the summer and am reading newspaper articles to add value to my Personal Statement and to prepare for the LNAT. However, are there any other activities I should be doing to make myself stand out? 


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isabellaford answered this 11 months ago

Hi Neelofar,

It sounds to me like you’ve gotten things pretty well sorted! I think whilst you’re still completing your A-levels, the most important thing is to keep up-to-date with legal news and happenings, through newspapers, online legal news sources e.g. Legal Cheek, The Law Society Gazette, the Law section of The Guardian.

The fact you have an internship is great as well! Make sure you make the most of it by asking lots of questions and trying to get a feel for the firm, the area of law they practise in and why you enjoyed it – that will come in handy in future interviews.

Just keep applying for these sorts of opportunities, keep completing work experience and internships in firms and keep up the enthusiasm – university will bring a whole lot more opportunities.

I hope this helps – let me know if you have any further questions!


Neelofar Ahmed commented 11 months ago

Hi Isabella, Thank you for taking out the time to advise me. This was very helpful!


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