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Keystone Law

Think there’s only one way to succeed in law? Think again.

Kodak never saw digital photography coming. The taxi trade did not foresee Uber.

Whilst partnership was once the ultimate goal, it looks set to become extinct as a new generation of look for opportunity, flexibility, a clear view to the top of the career ladder and recognition for hard work.

Every industry evolves. And when it comes to the legal sector, the firm at the forefront of that evolution is Keystone Law.

Driven by technology and modern working practices, our mission is to provide lawyers with all the tools and resources found in conventional firms but with unrivalled autonomy and support.
A full-service firm with over 300 consultants who trained at the country’s leading law firms, our structure sees everyone on a level playing field. From business title, to earnings, equality is at the heart of our innovative ethos. We believe that you should get back what you put in. That’s why our lawyers receive 75% of fees for the work they do.

No salary caps, no targets, just the opportunity to do what you love, on your own terms.

Our dedication to equal opportunity and commitment to putting lawyers in the driver’s seat is what’s made us the UK’s fastest growing firm.

But not everyone can cut it as a Keystone Consultant. We only recruit the best of the best. Like minded lawyers with an entrepreneurial flair, who dare to be different.

So why opt for consultancy?

• Be in charge
• Work from wherever, whenever
• Earn up to five times more
• Do law and only law. No endless management meetings debating over the latest coffee machine!
• Enjoy a better work/life balance
• Be happier!

Before you become a Keystone Consultant there are just a few things you need to do.

• Complete your training contract
• Build up your experience at a leading law firm
• Create your own little black book
• Develop your own client base
• Call us


We’ll be here when you’re ready…

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Statistics and facts

Practice Areas
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Family
  • Property
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance
  • Employment & Pensions
  • Energy
  • Infastructure
  • Will & Probate
  • Competition & EU
  • Insolvency
  • IP
  • Media
  • Tax
Head quartersLondon
Number of Offices10
Office Locations - Overview
  • South West
  • North East
  • Northern Ireland
  • International
Location of Major UK Offices
  • London
Location of Major International Offices
  • Australia
No of Partners300+
No of Lawyers1

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