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Have any questions about the LNAT? Take a look at these frequently asked questions, with expert answers from The Lawyer Portal.

Which universities use the LNAT?

At the moment, there are 11 universities that require the LNAT, most UK-based, but some are not based in the UK. To see a full list of them, take a look at our LNAT 2019 page.

When can I book my LNAT?

For both Oxford and non-Oxford applicants, you can register for the LNAT from 1st August 2019. Testing begins on 1st September 2019. For more details on timings, take a look at our LNAT 2019 page.

When do I sit the LNAT?

You must sit the LNAT in the same year as you apply to UCAS – so if you’re applying to UCAS in 2019, you must take the LNAT during 2019/2020.


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What’s the maximum LNAT score I can get?

The LNAT score is derived from your answers to Section A, the multiple choice questions. There are 42 questions in total, with one mark each, so the maximum score you can get is 42. Find out more about Section A through our free guide here.

What is the LNAT essay for?

The LNAT essay is sent to the university you are applying to, where they will assess the skills you possess which are desirable in a prospective law student. Therefore, it is vital that you create a well-developed and engaging essay. Find out more about the LNAT essay through our page here.

When do I receive my LNAT score?

Universities see your LNAT scores before you do. The first LNAT score results are released to universities on 21 October, for those who have completed the test before this date.

After this date, your LNAT score and essay will be available to universities within 24 hours of you taking the test.

LNAT scores are released to you in two batches throughout the year. Those who take the LNAT before 20 January 2020 will receive the results in mid February 2020. If you take the test after this date, you will receive your LNAT scores in early August 2020.

The LNAT website specifies that “no specific dates can be given”.

How long is my LNAT score valid for?

It is only valid for the year you took it.

Does practice improve LNAT scores?

Absolutely! Experience suggests that practice significantly improves your LNAT score. We suggest you start by looking at our LNAT Preparation and LNAT Tips page.

When should I start preparing for the LNAT?

As early as possible. It’s a good idea to start practising and developing a basic knowledge of the LNAT around the summer before you book your test – that way, you’ll have time to properly prepare that will mean you don’t have to cram at the last minute.

A good way to get some early preparation in is to attend one of our half-day LNAT Workshops, where you will get trained in LNAT strategies from an expert tutor.

We suggest you do four weeks of regular revision for it, and two weeks of intense revision and practise questions to prepare properly. You can start by using our LNAT Question Bank here.

Are there any free LNAT practice questions online?

Yes, we have some in our LNAT Question Bank, which you can access for free here.

Can I resit my LNAT exam if I do badly?

You can only sit the LNAT exam once during the year you are applying through UCAS. So if you want to try it again, you will have to wait until next year to reapply.

Can I get extra time for the LNAT?

Yes – register as normal for the LNAT online, but do not book your test online. You will need to complete an Examination Access Requirements form through the LNAT website and send it to them, along with documentary evidence. Find out more on the LNAT website.

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