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Commercial Awareness: Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Learn about litigation, arbitration and mediation - and find out what the benefits are of each type of dispute resolution.

Commercial Awareness: Private Equity

Expand your commercial awareness by learning about private equity. Find out how it works and see examples of recent successes and failures.

Commercial Awareness: Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is often the first practice area you think of when considering a career practising commercial law - but what is it?

Commercial Awareness: Commercial Real Estate

Learn about the key types of commercial real estate so that you can explain how each has been affected by the pandemic.

How to Improve Commercial Awareness

Use the following tips to help you with demonstrating commercial awareness at vacation scheme and training contract interviews and assessment days.

Commercial Awareness: Legal Technology

Law firms have wide-spread use for technology. Read our guide to find out how LegalTech is revolutionising the way law firms work

Commercial Awareness: ESG

Find out what ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) means, how its aims are realised through sustainable finance and investing and what the future of ESG investing holds.

What Is Commercial Awareness?

What is commercial awareness and how does it tie in with legal practice? How can commercial awareness benefit you and why is it so important? Find out in our updated guide.

2021 Wrap Up: Biggest Commercial Awareness Headlines

Take a look the top commercial headlines of 2021 and discover how they may influence your future.

Commercial Awareness Update: July 2021

In July, we consider the cost of hosting the Olympic Games and the future of a new industry: commercial spaceflight


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